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Military Crashpad is your BEST Military Lodging option!


When you go on a TDY or PCS, finding a nice place to stay can be a headache. Relax and let us provide you with the comfort of knowing your military housing needs will be taken care of. Our mission is to offer the best TDY Lodging experience while traveling with or without your family. We provide quality military housing through our PCS Crashpad ™ and TDY Crashpad ™ product lines.

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DoD Lodging

Our DoD Lodging features stylish and comfortable furniture with plenty of space to have people over for a party. We know what you want in your living room, so we stocked ours with 60” TVs and premium cable packages.

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Randolph AFB Lodging

The game rooms in our PIT Pad have everything you need, whether you want to watch a movie or play a few games of CRUD. We’ve installed foosball, pool, ping pong, and poker tables across each PIT Pad.

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Crash Pad

Bi-weekly chef-prepared meals and Lyft credits are included with your Military Lodging plus NFL Sunday Ticket or NFL Red Zone. We provide maid service and dedicated personnel to your specific Crash Pad needs.

We have 8 veteran owned and operated, military housing conveniently located within 5 minutes of Randolph AFB and another 20 PIT Pad and Crash Pad locations across the U.S. These are fully furnished, full-service military lodging options that you’ll love coming home to after a day of training. We’ve created a TDY Lodging solution with ample amenities, extra space, and high-end decor that you can call home! The only things you need to bring are your clothes and food (Check out our FAQs). We’ve thought of every detail to make your TDY Lodging experience amazing. This will be the best DoD Lodging experience you ever have and you won’t regret booking your Randolph AFB Lodging with us! We’ve been compared to top property management companies for a reason and you’ll experience why.


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When you stay with Military Crash Pad you don’t just stay in a Crash Pad or PIT Pad. You join a network of like-minded individuals pursuing the same goals as you. You join an exclusive group of honorable individuals who come together as a team to defend our great nation. Yes, you can stay in the best Randolph AFB Lodging with amenities that would rival any Military Housing or DoD Lodging out there but more importantly, you join our family. Our Randolph AFB Lodging option should be your first and only choice. We also offer you a list of property management companies, home buying information, and discounts at places like Squadron Posters


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Does Military Crashpad offer a Crash Pad or PIT Pad? The answer is, we have both! The more technical answer is: Crashpads and PIT Pads are the same things with the only difference being their location. Crashpads are fully furnished, all inclusive rental homes that you rent by-the-room. They include furniture, utilities, WiFi, cable, maid service, and basic house necessities like toilet paper and dish soap. A PIT Pad is a crash pad but it’s specifically located at Randolph AFB where they have Pilot Instructor Training (PIT). In summation to all of this, a PIT Pad is a Crash Pad located at Randolph AFB and it includes all of the same amenities. We’re Randolph AFB Lodging at it’s finest and often compared to the top property management companies in the nation.

Customer Reviews

Are we one of the best Crash Pad or property management companies in the world? We definitely think so but don’t take our word for it. Instead, read some of the customer reviews posted by our tenants about our DoD Lodging and Randolph AFB Lodging. You can find these testimonials on our Google+, Facebook, Yelp, and Trip Advisor pages. We strive to provide the best TDY Lodging experience for all of our customers.

I would come back to Military Crashpad in a heart beat. Not only did they accommodate my husbands stay while in training & away from his wife & daughter, it was very stable when we went to visit. They have a maid service weekly, they provide everything you need to have a comfortable, enjoyable and perfect stay. I highly suggest staying here, they will do everything in there power to make everything perfect to meet your needs.

Brandi L.

Jan 24, 2018, Randolph AFB

I was blown away by the accommodations from my last TDY in a Military Crashpad. From Keurig’s to crockpots, anything you’d hope a kitchen would have was available. The house was huge with tons of provided entertainment in the form of Apple TV, Xbox, playstation, leather reclining movie chairs, etc. Even better, every so often someone would come by to help clean the house and make sure we had whatever we needed! Our AC broke once, we called the property manager, and she had someone coming out to fix it within the hour. I’ll definitely be utilizing Military Crashpads again and recommend it to anyone else who wants a guaranteed good living experience while TDY.

William U.

October 23, 2017, Altus AFB

I just stayed at one of the Military Crashpad’s for SOS in Montgomery, AL. Highly recommend if you plan on bringing your family. I was able to bring my wife and dog for the 6.5 weeks and the same rate as the small on-base dorm rooms. Full kitchen, fenced in back yard, less than 20mins from base. This Crashpad made the SOS experience with my family possible and enjoyable. If you are on the fence about bringing the family or staying off base for SOS check out this Crashpad!

Brenton B.

November 13, 2017, Maxwell AFB