Our Story

A Note From the CEO

The night I graduated from pilot training was the night I learned my first assignment would be at Fairchild AFB in Spokane, WA. I was ecstatic because my family, including my little sister who was only two when I left for basic training, still resided in the city I grew up in, only two hours south of Fairchild. After six years of only seeing my family during Christmas and Thanksgiving, I would finally be close enough to see them regularly again. On graduation night, at a post-graduation party, I spoke with my classmate and long-time friend Chris Fei, who was also to be station at Fairchild. I pitched an idea of buying a duplex together (a suggestion from my father who dabbles in real estate) and living only on one side in order to rent out the other for spare cash. Much to my surprise, Chris agreed to partner up!

Chris and I flew up to Spokane the next week to go house hunting. We settled on a duplex and extended an offer, only to be rejected immediately. We tried to negotiate with no luck, and after a final “no” from the seller, I moved on to try purchasing in the Tri Cities, but had the same results.

After our failed trip to Spokane, Chris and I set out for initial training in our newly assigned planes. We were to live in Altus, Ok for the 5 month duration of training before moving on to our permanent stations. This was my first experience on TDY, and I had no idea where we would live, I assumed on the base. Luckily, Chris was much more astute than I was, and he introduced me to my first Crashpad! We called immediately to reserve our rooms, but fortunately, the Crashpads were completely full. I call this fortunate because it prompted me to think we could open our own. We knew plenty of new pilots that would want to stay with us rather than stay on base so, I pitched the idea to Chris and he was all in.

I called the first realtor that came up in an Internet search and that’s when I found Gregg Buck. Boy, was I lucky to have called him first because he has been the best realtor I have ever worked with, and I’ve worked with more realtors than I have fingers and toes. I flew out to Altus and bought our first house on Foxtail and within a couple weeks Chris and my buddy Evan helped me furnish the place from top to bottom. We put in beds, desks, couches, and big screen TVs, PS4s, grills, kitchen utensils, pool tables, etc. We decked that house out to make it an all inclusive bachelor pad. Chris and I, along with two buddies from pilot training moved in and just like that our first Crashpad was full.

After only a short time, there was much interest from other pilots that wanted to live in the house. I moved into the game room and Chris into a closet, just so we could make room for more tenants. He lived in that cramped closet for three and a half months and he didn’t complain a single time! After that experience we knew it was time for another Crashpad.

We brought in partners and purchased another Crashpad, and another, until we had five! It was then that I realized this could be so much more than a rental business. I had a vision of a service that would provide to all military members, not just Air Force. Our vision began to extend beyond our small group of pilots, and moved toward the entirety of our country’s service men and women. Today, we not only provide the best off-base living for our service members on TDY, but we have also transformed our website to be a helpful tool for anyone in the military looking for information on credit, buying a home, relocating to new bases, etc. Together, with my irreplaceable partners, we continue to strive to find ways to contribute to those who serve our country.

We’ve come a long way from our first Crashpad. Our company has grown and so has our vision and values. We are committed to creating a long lasting product that provides a great service to help the men and women that defend our great nation. As veterans ourselves, we know what it means to serve and we’re proud to be able to serve you.