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We have 7 beautiful Altus Crash Pads for you to enjoy while you train at Altus AFB. When you’re not busy studying for the KC-135 or C-17, you can enjoy the numerous amenities we have in each of our Crashpads in Altus. We provide queen size beds, 60″ TVs, game tables, game systems, and so much more! Since each of our homes is located between 3 and 10 minutes from Altus AFB, you’ll never have a long commute. From the time you leave the driveway of your Altus Crash Pad and make it to the gate, you probably won’t be able to finish a song. That’s how close you are! We even provide our tenants with free Lyft credits and maid service 3x a month. You’ll have everything you need when you stay at our Altus AFB Lodging.

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Are you looking for an Altus Crash Pad that will house your entire family? If your answer was yes, then we have we have a large Altus Crash Pad that can be split among two families. We have another single Family Crashpad that can easily rival any Altus Lodging. In our shared family crash pad, each family would get their own designated bathroom and families can enjoy a fenced backyard with a two-car garage. There’s plenty of space for all of your things at our Altus Crashpads. Our Family Crash Pads have everything you need and you’ll feel like you’re staying in one of the best Hotels near Altus AFB.

Family Crash Pad | Altus AFB Lodging | Crashpads in Altus | Crashpads at Altus | Crash Pads in Altus | Altus Crash Pad | Altus Crashpad | Family Crashpad | Hotels near Altus AFB

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Crashpads in Altus | Altus Crashpad | Crashpads at Altus | Altus Crashpads | Altus Crash Pads | Family Crashpad | Crash Pads at Altus | Hotels near Altus AFB

Crashpads in Altus | Altus Crashpad | Crashpads at Altus | Altus Crashpads | Altus Crash Pads | Altus AFB Lodging | Crash Pads in Altus | Altus AFB Lodging | Hotels near Altus AFB

I would venture to say I’m a pretty decent pilot, but when I stayed at the Caribou Circle Crashpad, I truly found my inner Chuck Yeager. My landings were silky-smooth, I flew 30-minute contacts using only engine anti-ice, and I didn’t shoot approaches…I killed them.

My military crash pad gave me “The Right Stuff.” A mattress made from angel’s feathers, a plush recliner to ponder, and more TV channels than there are stars in the clear Red River sky. My roommates and I studied by the warm gas fireplace and reveled with the coldest 3.2% beer this side of Charlie’s. The quiet Altus suburban life was a respite from the rigors of the real world.

If you’re not in a Crashpad, you’re asking to Q3. Your room temperature will fluctuate more than a KMCC shower, your DFAC meals will grow old, and your WiFi will be slower than a sloth doing a PIQ pre-flight.

Military Crashpad® has Made Altus Great Again.

Mike L.

September 23, 2017, Altus AFB

I’ve stayed with Military Crashpad® twice now and they always take such good care of their people. Comfy houses stocked with everything you need. If there’s ever a problem or you’re lacking something, it’s addressed right away. Johnny and Stephanie are always quick to respond and very helpful! Thanks for making the stay enjoyable!

Katie H.

December 14, 2017, Altus AFB