Waiting to make a purchase may yield a better deal

A great tip for any Amazon shopper is to throw items you’re hoping to buy soon into your cart and then hold off on making the purchase for a few weeks or (if you can) a few months. You’ll see the ebb and flow of the item’s price. This is often related to holiday purchasing, seasonal need of the item, availability and other factors. If you can see the rhythm of the pricing it makes it easier to wait for the price to dip so you can save anywhere from 5-30% just because you were patient.

This anticipation can feel frustrating or pointless but over time it will help you release your immediate need for things, save you money and perhaps reveal what items you want versus what you need.

Anticipation makes the purchase more fulfilling

We all know last minute vacations can be a blast because of the spontaneity, but isn’t there something so sweet about planning for a trip for multiple months, putting together your wardrobe, looking up adventures, suitcase strategy etc. and then experiencing the vision come to life?

Anticipation allows us to experience the joy of a purchase or experience before it arrives. It’s separate and distinct from the actual purchase/experience yet still brings happiness. So if you plan a trip for next summer you have some drawn out joy in the anticipation of it as well as the actual experience. It’s also easier to sacrifice other purchases in service to your vacation  budget. This anticipation provides a lot of value over time that a simple last minute vacation can’t compare to.

If you’re on a budget and lament not being able to make off the cuff decisions, try and re-frame your situation and understand that you’ll be getting MORE out of the build up to an experience than simply its memory in the months to come.

Anticipation and patience help clarify what’s important

There are so many advertisements vying for our attention. One of the main strategies of any marketing company is to make you feel you can’t live another week, day or minute without their product or service. How did you not know this existed? How did you ever survive without it? Some advertisers are incredibly successful in this way however most of the time we’re fully capable of enjoying all that we currently have without the addition of a new product. Anticipation and choosing to wait are easier when you realize that most of your purchases help make you happy.

In fact there is a direct link between consumer purchases and short term happiness, but that connection is fleeting. Continuing to buy things in order to make you happy will become emptier and emptier. When you practice patience you buy from a place of actual need, rather than needing to make yourself happy. 

Going to the store after taking time to identify what you want, what quality you need and how much you want to spend helps you save money and make intentional choices. Don’t fall victim to the excellent marketing skills of our free market. If you didn’t want it before you saw it in the store, you don’t need it.

How else does anticipation help you save money? Do you find the longer you wait for something the better it is (or the less you feel you need it?)