Top 6 Renters & Home Insurance Mistakes

Insurance is complex for a reason, it keeps the consumer from getting the best deal possible. It also keeps us from asking questions about our policies. In an effort to help our Military Crashpad customers we want to unpack some of that complexity. Renter’s and homeowners insurance are necessities no […]

Expected and Unexpected Costs When Moving

We are focusing on moving here this week on Military Crashpad. We know that as military members moving consistently can be part of your experience, and we want to help you make the best of it. If you are coming to an area where we have a Crashpad, stay with […]

How to Prepare for a Cross Country Move

Moving can be extremely stressful, whether it is down the block or across the country. If you have received your PCS ticket you want to make sure you understand how to minimize your moving costs. Since some items are only partially reimbursed the lower you can keep your costs the […]

Get Rid of the Excess – Make Some Cash

Julie Morgenstern, professional organizer and author of the book Organizing from the Inside Out explains that a consistent cause of cluttered-ness in her clients is a psychological need for abundance. A sense of security that comes from filling the cupboards with food, filling the closets with clothes and keeping the […]

Fine-Tune Your Financial Personality

Have you ever stopped to think about how you relate to money? Do you sometimes wish you had stronger financial acumen? Personal temperament, family history and values, life experiences and opportunities all contribute to your financial personality. While you may not be able to control all of the factors that […]

How To Save Money And Get What You Want

We are often told that the best way to get your way is to be a squeaky wheel. Whenever you encounter an opportunity to ask for a refund, barter for a better deal, or talk to a customer service rep you are making a choice. You want to get what […]

Where Do You Get Your Financial Advice? Why?

Something you want to consider whenever you have a money related question is where the best source of information might be and who we most want to emulate in our decisions? Where do you get your financial advice? Where should you go? Professional Resources There are a few obvious places […]

How Anticipation Can Save You Money

Waiting to make a purchase may yield a better deal A great tip for any Amazon shopper is to throw items you’re hoping to buy soon into your cart and then hold off on making the purchase for a few weeks or (if you can) a few months. You’ll see […]

Moneyball-A Lesson in Changing the Rules

In 2001 the Oakland A’s were coming off an incredible season. They won 102 games and were set up to become a dynasty with a core of young players. Unfortunately finances doomed the A’s and several of their best players were pilfered by wealthier teams. They entered the 2002 season […]

Expenses You Can’t Afford To Be Surprised By

Have you ever see the Austin Powers movie series?  They can be a bit crass, but who doesn’t love how bumbling secret agent Austin Powers manages to outwit the hapless Dr. Evil? All while making fun of the James Bond series and Bond’s ability to escape from witless henchman after witless henchman. […]