Where Do You Get Your Financial Advice? Why?

Something you want to consider whenever you have a money related question is where the best source of information might be and who we most want to emulate in our decisions? Where do you get your financial advice? Where should you go? Professional Resources There are a few obvious places […]

How Anticipation Can Save You Money

Waiting to make a purchase may yield a better deal A great tip for any Amazon shopper is to throw items you’re hoping to buy soon into your cart and then hold off on making the purchase for a few weeks or (if you can) a few months. You’ll see […]

Moneyball-A Lesson in Changing the Rules

In 2001 the Oakland A’s were coming off an incredible season. They won 102 games and were set up to become a dynasty with a core of young players. Unfortunately finances doomed the A’s and several of their best players were pilfered by wealthier teams. They entered the 2002 season […]

Expenses You Can’t Afford To Be Surprised By

Have you ever see the Austin Powers movie series?  They can be a bit crass, but who doesn’t love how bumbling secret agent Austin Powers manages to outwit the hapless Dr. Evil? All while making fun of the James Bond series and Bond’s ability to escape from witless henchman after witless henchman. […]

Don’t Let Money Change You

Hang on to Empathy Money has a way of changing us, especially when we start to acquire a good deal of it. We often tend to have more confidence, a sense of security, and a higher level of optimism. However, saving money can also have negative side effects which have […]

How to Make Money on Ebay; 3 Products that Fly off the Virtual Shelves

Ebay is a tremendous vehicle by which you can get rid of almost anything you are no longer using. In our 5 attitudes that will save you money post we wrote that “everything has value,” you just have to find the person who wants what you have. Each year Ebay […]

Why Downsizing May Be the Best Thing You Ever Do

No one wants to move. Unless you’re moving up it’s not fun to pack up all your belongings, house hunt, change utility services and send an address update to every person and company you communicate with (unless of course you’re downsizing your contact list as well). What we’re suggesting in […]

The Danger of Financial Brand Loyalty

What’s OK for Sports… If you are a sports fan you know what it is like to love someone despite their faults. Certain fans may know this more than others (Browns fans we’re thinking of you) but all know the sting of being terrible. We have loyalty that runs deep through […]

3 Financial Risks Worth Taking

Even the most adventurous people don’t enjoy the idea of being risky with their income. We all like to see our money spent well. Unfortunately many of us become so paralyzed by fear of risk that we start working on building wealth way too late and miss out on the […]

What to do When a Friend Tries to Sell You Life Insurance

Insurance companies often recruit young unemployed business and accounting majors to work as life insurance salespeople. As some of your non military peers know, when you are sitting on student loan debt there are very few things you wont do to make ends meet. They work solely on commission and […]