Having car insurance is a no brainer. You know you need it, and you shouldn’t be driving without it. Believe it or not, people see renter’s insurance completely different. Many military families go without renter’s insurance because they live on a military installation and believe that; A. Their Insurance is covered by their rental agreement, or B. They don’t think there would ever be a reason to use it, living on post. Both the latter are not true. Having renter’s Insurance is a necessity. It’s great for more reasons than a possible home invasion. Renter’s Insurance covers damaged property within your home, it will cover spoiled food in the case of extended power outages, and it can help replace your most prized possessions in an instance of a natural disaster.

My family uses USAA for our insurance needs. They offer vehicle, renter’s, and life insurance. They are also a banking institution, which I love because I can keep my financial business and my monthly bills in one place. They are not the cheapest, but they are extremely convenient no matter where you are. We switched our policies over to USAA from State Farm when we arrived in Germany. I did some shopping around, and I learned that I could have my car, renter’s and life insurance all in one place! I was all in! USAA offers great coverage and they are consistent and accessible in your time of need. They also offer discounts for having multiple accounts with their company.

Did you know that when you move your belongings, they are still covered by your renter’s insurance while in transit? Also, everything from Military Gear to Hearing Aids are covered by most insurance policies. Renter’s Insurance often costs less than buying five coffees at your favorite coffee shop every month.

In the case of a fire or any other tragedy in a home on post, housing is not responsible for replacing your household goods or any other items lost. Many military members are often under the impression that because they live in a home on post, the housing company is responsible for anything that happens in their home, this is not the case. In extreme circumstances, like a defect in your electrical wiring, roofing defects, or any other housing caused anomaly, would they possibly be required to cover the cost of your things. But, this is a rare occurrence. Even in natural disasters, housing is not responsible for damaged home goods or vehicles. Make sure you are covered.

Contact your preferred insurance agency to get a quote. You can choose how much coverage you need and what terms work best for you. Take time to decide, maybe even shop around. The peace of mind that comes along with having renter’s insurance is well worth the cost. Don’t get caught without an umbrella, during a storm. Protect your belongings wherever you are, get insured. Don’t allow a preventable issue wreak havoc on your personal well-being or your finances.

Written by Marla Bautista Exclusively for Military Crashpad®