Ebay is a tremendous vehicle by which you can get rid of almost anything you are no longer using. In our 5 attitudes that will save you money post we wrote that “everything has value,” you just have to find the person who wants what you have. Each year Ebay sells billions of items and it gives you a marketplace to sell anything you want from books, to cars to videogames. If you want to get in on the action, here are three things that are easy to sell, and how you can sell them. You are surrounded by money, in the form of your stuff, you just need to find the right person to sell it to.

1. Any and all video and computer games and accessories

These items are easy to pack, ship and sell online. No matter how old the game there is almost always someone who wants to buy it. In fact some of your oldest games may be worth a whole lot of money. This won’t apply to those of you who don’t have a household member who was a teenager in the video game era (late 80s until now) but if you’re ever curious whether or not an old computer game or CD will sell, no matter the condition, just hop on Ebay and check it out. If we were the gambling type we’d bet you’d be able to sell it. As millennials get older (and have money) they are looking to recapture some of their childhood. For many of them that means buying games they played as kids, feel free to cash in on their nostalgia. 

2. Cords; big ones, small ones, black ones, brown ones

Do you have a random drawer in your house where all the electronic cords end up? Try pulling them out and then determining which you need and which go to electronics you got rid of months or years ago. Then get on Ebay, look them up and be amazed at how many people LOVE to buy extra cords online. It makes sense, you lose a cord to your printer and you hope to be able to find a fairly inexpensive replacement on Ebay instead of heading to the manufacturer or retail store. Especially if the cord isn’t new or is to a more obscure electronic device.

Electronic accessories that go to old printers, old GPS systems, video games, TVs and anything else that may have needed to be plugged into the wall or another device will sell. When you take the time to look it up and list it, you’ll find they’re sold easily and cords are so easy to ship! We bet half the people reading this article could find $40-50 in unused cords in their homes in a matter of 1-2 hours of research, picture-taking and listing.

Tip for selling cords: take good pictures that show both ends of the cord and what it looks like from different angles to give buyers the best chance of identifying it’s the cord they need. The more confident they feel the more likely they are to purchase.

3. Cell Phones

If you want to donate your used cell phone to a women’s shelter or other worthy cause we would recommend that first, there is a high need for people without means of purchasing their own phone to have something available to them that can be used for emergency phone calls. If you’re in need of some extra cash and happen to have a few old phones lying around, or want to buy a new phone but don’t have the $200 needed to buy it, consider selling your older phone on Ebay.

There are some guidelines you want to follow when you go to sell your phone online:

  • List that it doesn’t come with a contract to fulfill (people are usually not interested in carrying out your old contract, they just want the phone)
  • List the carrier associate with the phone (Verizon, Sprint, etc).
  • Be sure that the ESN or MEID number is available and not blocked. A blocked number indicates the phone is stolen and you will lose buyers and credibility if you try and sell a stolen or tampered with phone.
  • Take pictures that include all manuals, accessories and parts that will be included.
  • Show an HONEST image of the condition. If there are dents and dings just say so, don’t try and hide them. It’s all about reputation on Ebay and a lot of people are still willing to buy used phones with a few scratches.

Get Selling

Those are our top three sell-able items on Ebay. Always look at your product in the ‘sold’ section of Ebay to see what others have sold their same item for. This will give you a good idea of how to list the product and what to expect. The most successful sales come from great pictures, detailed descriptions and realistic pricing.

What items have you successfully sold on Ebay? Any that surprised you?