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How to Get Settled Quickly at Your New Duty Station

If you ever saw the movie; The ‘Burbs, you may have an unfounded fear of meeting your new neighbors. You’re in luck! Most people live normal, everyday lives, just like you and me. Moving into your new home and getting to know your new neighbors should be exciting, not...

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3 Tips for Starting a New School Year

Over the course of the summer, the military community sees moving trucks come and moving trucks go. Which means when the school year rolls around there are many, many new faces. For those who are experiencing a new school year, or even have children starting school...

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5 Ways to Find Hidden Gems in Your New City

PCS moves can be daunting tasks. Moving means more than just finding a new place to live and work; it can also mean finding a new favorite restaurant, hair parlor/barber shop or place to shop. While some duty stations have full selections right outside the gate, the...

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I Don’t Need Insurance, Do I?

  Having car insurance is a no brainer. You know you need it, and you shouldn’t be driving without it. Believe it or not, people see renter’s insurance completely different. Many military families go without renter’s insurance because they live on a military...

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Love Your Pet During Your PCS

We’ve got moving on the brain since it’s summer and high moving season, but all too often our furry friends are forgotten when we start discussing a move.   Pets bring us comfort when we’re down and love us no matter what. It’s time we focused on their needs for a...

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Looking for tips for your next TDY or PCS? We have plenty of articles that explain the ins and outs of buying, selling, renting, finding a good realtor, and so much more. For real-time updates from people in the community check out our Facebook group at Home Base Housing.