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Military Crashpad is owned and operated by military members that have been in the same shoes as their peers. The company was started by someone who experienced the lack of comfortable military lodging during a training program to Altus AFB and knew there was a better way. As a result, Military Crashpad’s mission is to improve the lives of service members by providing comfortable and affordable housing options and other services.






Johnny Cruz Buckingham – CEO


Meet the CEO of Military Crashpad, Capt. Jonathan C. Buckingham, United States Air Force. Capt. Buckingham was trained as a KC-135 Aircraft Commander in the 92nd Air Refueling Wing. He served 5 deployments in Qatar, 1 in Afghanistan, and supported many more refueling missions across the world during his time at Fairchild AFB. Johnny is proud to serve his country through the Air Force and his fellow service members through Military Crashpad.


“Because it was difficult for me, I want to make it better for the next guy” – JCB






Phone Number: 509 319 8328








Amy Valles – COO


Amy Valles is Military Crashpad’s Chief Operations Officer. She handles property management & acquisition, tenant scheduling, customer questions, and public relations. Amy holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Master’s Degrees in Public Administration and Human Resources. Amy strives to serve the customers of Military Crashpad and the communities in which they are located with unparalleled customer service and communication.


“I’m proud to serve my country through Military Crashpad” – Amy






Phone Number: 505 917 4114




Hatton C. Updike – CCO


Meet Military Crashpad’s Chief Communications Officer, Capt. Hatton C. Updike, USAF. His first assignment was served at Laughlin AFB where he was a First Assignment Instructor Pilot (FAIP). While there he trained and certified over 180 USAF pilots and flew over 1000 hours. Now Hatton is stationed at McChord AFB in Puyallup, WA flying C-17 Globemaster III pilot.


Hatton is in charge of customer outreach, content creation/acquisition, and public relations. His emphasis on professionalism and discipline is passed on to his co-workers and peers and has been an asset to Military Crashpad. He prides himself on the quality and hospitality that is provided to servicemen and women through Military Crashpad.






Phone Number: 480 250 5663




Dan Fulcoly – CSO


Capt. Dan Fulcoly is Military Crashpad’s Chief Strategy Officer. Capt. Fulcoly is a distinguished Air Force Academy graduate where he earned degrees in Physics and Mathematics. He went on to earn a Master’s degree from MIT. After his 5 year commitment to the United States Air Force where he served as a Physicist for the Air Force Research Laboratory, he went on to join the Air Force Reserves while also working as a consultant at Boston Consulting Group. Now he serves as an operation director at QTS.


Dan’s dedication to his commitment of service is unwavering, and he is proud to continue his service through Military Crashpad, Inc. and the Air Force Reserves.







Phone Number: 214 356 2602