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Look no further for a place to stay than our Randolph Crashpad! Each Randolph PIT Pad is loaded with amenities including queen size beds, 60″+ TVs, game tables, gaming systems, and so much more! We even provide our tenants with free Lyft credits and chef service twice a month! Our Randolph AFB Lodging will provide everything you’ll need to have a comfortable stay while you’re in training.

Are you looking for a Randolph PIT Pad that will house your entire family? If your answer was yes then we have a Randolph Lodging option for that as well! Although we can’t guarantee an entire house completely dedicated to one family, we do have a large 4-bedroom/2.5 bath house that can be split among two families. Each family would get two bedrooms and their own designated bathroom. Families can enjoy a fenced-in backyard and a two-car garage so there’s plenty of space for you and all of your things. This Randolph Crash Pad has everything you need and you’ll feel like you’re at the best hotels near Randolph AFB. Our PIT Pad at Randolph will leave you extremely satisfied. 

Our Liberty Randolph PIT Pad is located within 3 minutes of the base. For your convenience, most of our crashpads are located within minutes of major shopping centers, grocery stores, and entertainment so you won’t have to travel far to get your basic necessities. We’re here for your pleasure and we want to make sure your PIT Pad at Randolph is as comfortable as possible. We put the service member and their families first above all else and that’s the Military Crashpad® difference. You’ll feel the personal difference when you stay at our Randolph Crashpad and be glad you chose us as your Randolph AFB Lodging provider. 

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Well I just wanted to say thanks for the pleasant experience! Military Crashpad® has superb homes near many bases that offer great support for anyone that has to live on the road. I loved the modern, clean & spacious recreation rooms that had the PlayStation, & Xbox. Each room offered Big screen TVs. There was a pool table and other amenities.The kitchens had everything that I could possibly need.
Well Done

Michael B.

Jan 28, 2017, Randolph AFB

I would come back to Military Crashpad® in a heart beat. Not only did they accommodate my husbands stay while in training & away from his wife & daughter, it was very stable when we went to visit. They have a maid service weekly, they provide everything you need to have a comfortable, enjoyable and perfect stay. I highly suggest staying here, they will do everything in there power to make everything perfect to meet your needs.

Brandi L.

Jan 24, 2018, Randolph AFB

Infinitely better than staying on base during PIT. Only five minutes from house to squadron. Made the days of double turning that much easier. Comfortable beds and nice TVs made relaxing after a long day a breeze. NIce kitchen made for solid meal prepping to keep from gaining weight on the TDY. All around solid experience and would recommend to anyone.

Grant S.

November 23, 2017, Randolph AFB

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