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Are we the best in the crashpad business in the world? We definitely think so but don’t take our word for it. Instead, read some of the customer reviews posted by our tenants and then you be the judge of that. You can find these testimonials on our FacebookTrip Advisor, Yelp, and Google+.

My husband has been deployed 5 times (all of those were in Wichita, KS) on top of countless of TDY’s so it felt like we hardly saw each other. I have really enjoyed the times he’s had training where we were able to go with him (Altus, OK – Montgomery, AL – San Antonio, TX). We were able to spend more quality family time in those places than we did in Wichita, KS.
The military lifestyle is hard, especially with kids, so it’s nice when you can find a Military Crashpad® to accommodate all your needs so all your spouse has to focus on is their training and spending quality time with their family.
Mariana D.

April 7, 2018, Randolph AFB

I have been in a Military Crashpad® in San Antonio and Little Rock. Both have been a great experience and I will use them anytime I am TDY where they have a house available. Military Crashpad® is a great company, that provides great housing and customer service!

Nate S.

March 7, 2018, Little Rock AFB

I would recommend this company to anyone. They have always met any needs we have needed in a timely fashion. If you are looking for a trustworthy company this is the one you’re looking for! 5 stars all the way👍

Manoah W.

March 6, 2018, Randolph AFB

Excellent stay at Military Crashpad® in Montgomery! We loved the huge fenced backyard with the firepit and outside seating/grill area. Our bedroom was huge, spacious, and had a comfortable bed. The kitchen was updated with all new appliances and I really felt like I was at home. Everything imaginable came with the kitchen – rice cooker, slow cooker, blender (a super nice Ninja one too), dishware, grillware, etc. Anytime we needed something, they were very responsive and helpful. I highly recommend the Poplar St house in Montgomery if you are coming for SOS!


February 27, 2018, Maxwell AFB

Excellent stay at Military Crashpad® in Montgomery! We loved the huge fenced backyard with the firepit and outside seating/grill area. Our bedroom was huge, spacious, and had a comfortable bed. The kitchen was updated with all new appliances and I really felt like I was at home. Everything imaginable came with the kitchen – rice cooker, slow cooker, blender (a super nice Ninja one too), dishware, grill ware, etc. Anytime we needed something, they were very responsive and helpful. I highly recommend the Poplar St house in Montgomery if you are coming for SOS!

Miranda H.

February 7, 2018, Maxwell AFB

Nice house, great location to base. Plenty of room and extras like a pool table. I had a 2 car garage and really nice kitchen. Anything we asked for we got, they were really concerned with making sure we had what we wanted. There was even a time where the Air Force said they weren’t going to pay us for lodging and the company told us they would take care of us and I could focus on my training. This was a huge deal and a huge stressor that was taken off my plate. That put this company in my top list of companies for customer service, highly recommended. Very military friendly.


January 28, 2018, Randolph AFB

Well I just wanted to say thanks for the pleasant experience! Military Crashpad® has superb homes near many bases that offer great support for anyone that has to live on the road. I loved the modern, clean & spacious recreation rooms that had the PlayStation, & Xbox. Each room offered Big screen TVs. There was a pool table and other amenities.The kitchens had everything that I could possibly need.
Well Done

Michael B.

Jan 28, 2017, Randolph AFB

Stayed at one of the several houses during my training at Altus for PIQ. Amazing amenities and very spacious. Plenty of room for numerous people (ie the wife, kids, pets) and very well maintained. Highly recommend utilizing these guys for any TDY to Altus.

Andy M.

January 27, 2018, Altus AFB

Excellent people and excellent company. As a crashpad owner and having stayed with Military Crashpad®s I have to say they are very accommodating and make sure you are taken care of.

Ian S.

January 27, 2018, Altus AFB

I would come back to Military Crashpad® in a heart beat. Not only did they accommodate my husbands stay while in training & away from his wife & daughter, it was very stable when we went to visit. They have a maid service weekly, they provide everything you need to have a comfortable, enjoyable and perfect stay. I highly suggest staying here, they will do everything in there power to make everything perfect to meet your needs.

Brandi L.

Jan 24, 2018, Randolph AFB

I was blown away by the accommodations from my last TDY in a Military Crashpad®. From Keurig’s to crockpots, anything you’d hope a kitchen would have was available. The house was huge with tons of provided entertainment in the form of Apple TV, Xbox, playstation, leather reclining movie chairs, etc. Even better, every so often someone would come by to help clean the house and make sure we had whatever we needed! Our AC broke once, we called the property manager, and she had someone coming out to fix it within the hour. I’ll definitely be utilizing Military Crashpad®s again and recommend it to anyone else who wants a guaranteed good living experience while TDY.

William U.

October 23, 2017, Altus AFB

I just stayed at one of the Military Crashpad®’s for SOS in Montgomery, AL. Highly recommend if you plan on bringing your family. I was able to bring my wife and dog for the 6.5 weeks and the same rate as the small on-base dorm rooms. Full kitchen, fenced in back yard, less than 20mins from base. This Crashpad made the SOS experience with my family possible and enjoyable. If you are on the fence about bringing the family or staying off base for SOS check out this Crashpad!

Brenton B.

November 13, 2017, Maxwell AFB

I love the fancy houses I get to stay at whilst @ training. It makes traveling to these locations much easier and I love that I have a kitchen to meal prep for the week and laundry options so I don’t have to use quarter machines like at hotels or inns.

Shane D.

November 1, 2017, Kirtland AFB

I would venture to say I’m a pretty decent pilot, but when I stayed at the Caribou Circle Crashpad, I truly found my inner Chuck Yeager. My landings were silky-smooth, I flew 30-minute contacts using only engine anti-ice, and I didn’t shoot approaches…I killed them.

My military crash pad gave me “The Right Stuff.” A mattress made from angel’s feathers, a plush recliner to ponder, and more TV channels than there are stars in the clear Red River sky. My roommates and I studied by the warm gas fireplace and reveled with the coldest 3.2% beer this side of Charlie’s. The quiet Altus suburban life was a respite from the rigors of the real world.

If you’re not in a Crashpad, you’re asking to Q3. Your room temperature will fluctuate more than a KMCC shower, your DFAC meals will grow old, and your WiFi will be slower than a sloth doing a PIQ pre-flight.

Military Crashpad® has Made Altus Great Again.

Mike L.

September 23, 2017, Altus AFB

Currently staying at the Kirtland location and it is fantastic! This is my 4th tech school and I’ve had to stay on base before and this is astronomically better. Fully furnished and if we have needed anything during our stay, the staff has been super easy to contact and great to work with. I would highly recommend staying here for anyone needing a place to stay while training.

John P.

January 16, 2017, Kirtland AFB

I have stayed with Military Crashpad®s on 2 different TDYs now (6mo & 1mo) and I would easily recommend them to anyone looking for a nice, comfortable place to study and relax while in Altus.

I stayed both times at the Caribou house in various rooms and was never disappointed. The internet was always solid, tv packages are more than ample for my viewing, and having an Xbox & PS meant I didn’t have to drag mine via commercial air. The large kitchen made it a breeze to prepare as much or as little food as you wanted, which helped keep me sane.

Personally, I never had any issues with any of the other tenants whatsoever. In fact, if you are lucky you will find a wealth of experience perhaps if you house with a more experienced person from your career field.

I enjoyed how close it was to the back gate as it was preferred for me (when its open anyway). It was so close to base that I never felt too far and the subdivision still felt like a home rather than an extension of work.

There can sometimes be some pains with people moving in and out due to the tumultuous nature of the military, but it pays you back in the end because the company was always incredibly understanding and flexible with arriving early or extending. They know their customers and their circumstances all too well.

I perhaps have one more trip back to Altus and you can bet I’m going back to these guys if/when I do.

Kyle M.

January 26, 2017, Altus AFB

Whether it was listing step by step instructions on how to book a room/file DTS or immediately offering assistance to any discrepancy that arose, Military Crashpad® made the TDY experience simple and stress-free with excellent accommodations throughout the process.

Greg R.

November 1, 2017, Altus AFB

Infinitely better than staying on base during PIT. Only five minutes from house to squadron. Made the days of double turning that much easier. Comfortable beds and nice TVs made relaxing after a long day a breeze. NIce kitchen made for solid meal prepping to keep from gaining weight on the TDY. All around solid experience and would recommend to anyone.

Grant S.

November 23, 2017, Randolph AFB

Stayed at foxtail house at Altus. Awesome projector at the house for group gaming and movies! I enjoyed my stay there and will be using Military Crashpad® again when I get sent back to Altus for more training. Got to meet Johnny the CEO when he visited, awesome guy! thanks to Johnny and his team for taking care of me

Jonathan J.

October 2, 2017, Altus AFB

Awesome experience staying with Military Chrashpad while going through IFF at RND. All necessities were provided. Very accommodating for my wife and dog as well!

David S.

October 2, 2017, Randolph AFB

Stayed with these guys while at Holloman. Excellent house, deal, and job working with us to get what we needed. Johnny was the man and the folks who worked for him were all polite and hard workers. Would definitely stay with them again if given the opportunity.

Haley F.

January 16, 2017, Holloman AFB

Stayed at the condo in Canterbury Dr. in Altus, OK. Gina is phenomenal. She took care of all our needs promptly. The apartment was close to base, cozy, and accepted pets. The price was right for the entire crashpad. I would stay there again in a heartbeat.

Ricardo L.

January 21, 2017, Altus AFB

Stayed at the Kirtland location for a few days during sim refresher training. Good location, great amenities, overall great experience! And since the administrators are familiar with military TDYs it makes DTS a breeze!

Brian D.

January 17, 2017, Kirtland AFB

Stayed with Military Crashpad in Altus and it was great. The house was comfortable and spacious and the cleaning staff was great. Look forward to staying with them again! Thank you for such a great service.

Kaley A.

January 27, 2017, Altus AFB

I’ve stayed with Military Crashpad® twice now and they always take such good care of their people. Comfy houses stocked with everything you need. If there’s ever a problem or you’re lacking something, it’s addressed right away. Johnny and Stephanie are always quick to respond and very helpful! Thanks for making the stay enjoyable!

Katie H.

December 14, 2017, Altus AFB

Extremely friendly services and outstanding accommodations!

Max Y.

December 15, 2017, Randolph AFB

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